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    Lightbulb Bot making

    Guys, I want to make a simple bot who chats.After that I'll make that as to complete tasks as given by me but I have never programmed a bot. I don't know what libraries will be used. Help me guys, suggest me something so that I can get started. I developed a bot in Ruby around 6-7 months ago but then I left Ruby and started C. Help will be really appreciated. I have googled how to make bots but didn't find anything important and usefull.

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    here is a simple checklist to start with

    1. what network/client are you going to use the chat bot with
    2. what are the logon and handshaking protocols used by #1
    3. how is data sent to and from the client

    i would start with learning how the login to the chat works, and then write a program to load, authenticate, and login, then sucessfully log off first
    after that you can start to actually send and recieve data

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    I want it to make it to talk to me only and it'll be in my pc only. No networking needed.

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    Read, evaluate, print, loop.
    stdin, ..., stdout, ...

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