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    *FILE program question

    I had to write a program that prompts a user for their name in lower case letters, transfers this input into a file, read the name in lower case letters from the file, transfer the name into upper case letters, transfer the name in upper case letters into an output file, and display the contents of the output file.

    I eventually figured out to use gets() to get the original string and transferred it into an input file. The problem comes when I read the input file. The only way I can figure out how to do it is to use scanf() to pull the letters out one at a time, do the case conversion, and fprintf() the characters one at a time into the output file. The problem is that everything after the first blank space is lost. Any ideas on how to get the whole string and convert it?


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    fgets ( buf, sizeof buf, IN );
    for ( x = 0; x < strlen ( buf ) - 1; x++ )
      buf[x] = toupper ( buf[x] );
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