Thread: Geeting error in using graphics.h header file as shown in attachment.

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    Geeting error in using graphics.h header file as shown in attachment.

    i am running turbo c++ 4.5 in windows xp mode in windows 7.

    Geeting error in using graphics.h header file as shown in attachment.-25-mar-13-3-01-23-pm-jpg

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    I believe the error message is correct - you have to go back to ACTUAL Windows XP (or Windows 2000) to run BGI graphics. They decided not to support BGI graphics because it was considered obsolete, is what I heard.

    However, you should be able to answer this definitively with a quick Google search. I'm not a Windows 7 guru, certainly.

    As soon as you can, I'd move over to a modern compiler - there are a few good and free ones. You will really enjoy the capability they give you on Windows 7.

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    Because BGI graphics interacted with the screen directly. That's a lot more complex under something like Windows (because you DON'T have exclusive access to the screen, you don't know what driver the screen is using, they may not even be VESA/VGA compatible, and security-wise it's a nightmare) and so it's not allowed. Even in "XP Mode", which is basically an emulator, you can't use something that was originally designed for DOS-mode graphics (which predate XP by some decade or more).

    Turbo-C++ v5 apparently supported Windows by having a bit of a rewrite, but honestly that was last used in 1997 (so only 16 years old!).

    Try stopping running a compiler from 1992 on a Windows 7 machine, and get something vaguely modern. What you just asked is why can't you use the engine from a Ford Model T to power a 2013 Ford Fusion?

    There are several dozen free C++ compiler/IDE suites on Windows. Use one that was released in this millennium (at least), and problem solved.

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    i am running turbo c++ 4.5 in windows xp mode in windows 7.
    You are running a virtual environment created in 2001 under an operating system released in 2009 just to run a tool created in 1995 that builds software primarily for an operating system that was basically abandoned as a real product the following year?



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