Thread: Implement Signal() using sigaction() in ubuntu

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    Question Implement Signal() using sigaction() in ubuntu

    Im programming client/server app that client provide the file name then the server send it to client then the client will save it ..

    so i want to make signal handler to handle zombie problem between parent and child so this code for signal :

    Sigfunc *
    signal(int signo, Sigfunc *func)
        struct sigaction    act, oact;
        act.sa_handler = func;
        act.sa_flags = 0;
        if (signo == SIGALRM) {
    #ifdef    SA_INTERRUPT
            act.sa_flags |= SA_INTERRUPT;    /* SunOS 4.x */
        } else {
    #ifdef    SA_RESTART
            act.sa_flags |= SA_RESTART;        /* SVR4, 44BSD */
        if (sigaction(signo, &act, &oact) < 0)
    /* end signal */
    The filename is : myHeader.h
    and the error when compile the file is :

    gcc -Wall -I/home/zmhnk/Desktop/ -o "myHeader" "myHeader.h" (in directory: /home/zmhnk/Desktop)
    myHeader.h:281:1: error: unknown type name ‘Sigfunc’
    myHeader.h:282:19: error: unknown type name ‘Sigfunc’
    Compilation failed.

    so how to solve this problem

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    I see no includes in what you posted; I suggest adding them to the post if you have them.
    If you do NOT have them, then you need include the correct header (that defines Sigfunc) to get the code to compile.

    Edit1: You do know that headers are not normally compiled.
    Edit2: And, functions bodies are not normally in C header files.
    Edit3: Sigfunc seems to be a MS Windows function; Google has not given me much hope it is a missing Linux header issue.

    Tim S.
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    This function is already provided by your standard C library. Why on earth are you remaking it?

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