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    beginners error

    I am
    new to programming in c and my task is to write a simple program that is able to compute the area under a curb using the trapezoidal rule. I wrote the program but it will not compile, the error I m getting is:
     expected expression before } token
    project1.c:24: error: expected ; before numeric constant
    and this are my codes:
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(void)
             int a, b, N,h,i,counter,A;
     printf(" enter the interval a and b");
     scanf("%d\n%d\n", &a, &b);
     prinf("enter the number of trapezoids you would like to  use");
            scanf("%d\n", &N);
     h= (b-a)/N;
     while((h*((i*i)+(counter*counter))/N) <= N){
                      for(i=a; i<=b; i++)
                               for(counter=a; counter=b; counter++){
    printf("the area under the curb from %d to %d is: %d", a, b, A);
    counter 0;

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    Duplicate already asked here.


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