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    comparing integers

    flag = 1;
    while(flag == 1)
        printf("What is the student's Assignment 1 mark? :");
        printf("Invalid mark. Please enter again\n");
        flag = 1;
            flag = 0;
    I'm trying see if the input integer is bigger than 100 and less than 0.
    If it's so, then it prints invalid mark and it goes back to input section.
    I made the above sample code to test this thing, but it's not working.
    Could anyone help me with fixing this problem?

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    you should be testing OR using ||
    The value can't possibly be bigger than 100 AND less than 0 can it.
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    Oh my god.... Oh yeah!! You are absolutely right! I was being stupid haha.
    Thank you very much for your help!

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