Thread: Getting Input from a Serial Connection (Hyperterminal)

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    Getting Input from a Serial Connection (Hyperterminal)

    Wondering why I cannot communicate with my microcontroller dspic33 with the Hyperterminal program. In the sample test code, I also cannot use printf. They have it set up differently and I am wondering if it is possible to redirect the output of the printf, scanf functions to the port I am using?


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    printf(), "under the hood", is simply fprintf() with a default stream of stdout (usually the console). In the same way, scanf() is fscanf(), with a default source of stdin (usually the keyboard). All streams must have a source or target, even if we C provides one by default for us.

    I'm not familiar with your micro controller, but your documentation and or a web site, should specify how to set up that source or target for a stream, as well as what streams are already set up, by default.

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    Adak addressed your second query - regarding your first query, you should confirm the following:

    - Physically verify that the serial port is responding to data you enter into HyperTerminal (i.e. check voltages)
    - Verify the Rx/Tx lines are connected correctly between the computer and the PIC.
    - Verify that you have the same serial configuration settings at each note (number of data bits, parity, etc).

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    Thanks guys! I currently just wrote a new code changing the printf to print to the serial port, now i am working on a scan function. I think it is in the Macros where these are being defined with Uart0.uart1.uart2 So I'll further investigate thanks again!

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