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    how to read characters from user and construct a sting and then extract part of it using substring?

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    On making an effort
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    On starting slowly with simple steps and building up towards your complete program.
    A development process

    For example, post a program which just reads chars and prints them, then see how you feel about the next step.

    On choosing meaningful topic titles
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    These are basic string operations, but they take a bit of care to code up in C.

    Welcome to the forum, pixcel!

    You would really benefit if you worked through the C tutorial which is linked to the C Tutorial button at the top of this page. LOTS of basic how-to info in there, for practical use in your programs.

    Give that tutorial a read-through, and give your program a try. If you get stuck, post your program and explain the problem. That lets us focus right in on the difficulty, with minimum time spent looking.

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