Thread: How to use fwrite to copy a file to a file

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    How to use fwrite to copy a file to a file

    this is what i've been thinking..

    char buffer[256];
    FILE *fp;
    FILE *fw;
    fp = fopen("read.txt", "r");
    fw = fopen("write.txt", "w");
    //not sure in this part.. 
    while ((fgets(buffer,256,fw))!= NULL) 
            fwrite(buffer, 256, fw);

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    Why not compile it and try it yourself?

    1) Don't mix fgets and fwrite. Either use fread/fwrite or fgets/fputs. One operates on null-terminated strings, the other operates on bytes. In this case, since you're just copying bytes around, use fread/fwrite.
    2) You're reading and writing on the same file.
    3) Open your files as binary; this makes a difference on some OS like Windows.
    4) fread and fwrite return meaningful values; they don't always write or read the requested no. of bytes, so you have to account for this as well.

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    In addition to using the wrong function for reading, you are also attempting to read and write to the same fie.

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