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    Question Preprocessor ?

    I recently came across a #define in a C program I was looking at and I was not quite sure why they surrounded the defined value with () as seen below. To me they look both essentially the same.

    #define NUM_VIC_VECT_PRIORITY_REGS  (32)
    I am just curious why they did not do

    instead of

    #define NUM_VIC_VECT_PRIORITY_REGS  (32)
    Does it make any difference or is there some special meaning here?

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    It is a habit I did for a while; that is needed for compound values like (3+1).
    I often have two MACROs where the second one is just 1 more.

    #define MAX_STRING_SIZE 31
    I have never had something weird happen without () for non compound values. I am not an expect; so, it might be possible.

    But, I have had issues with compound values without ().

    Tim S.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZK57 View Post
    Does it make any difference or is there some special meaning here?
    The main difference is that the form with brackets prevents the macro being concatenated by other macros.

    The circumstances in which you would want other macros to concatenate macros of this form are rare, and the brackets prevents that occurring by accident.

    Personally, rather than preventing concatenation of macros, I think it is better to minimise ANY use of macro trickery. If you're not using excessive macro trickery, no need for additional macro trickery to prevent accidents.
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