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    C programming help, beginner

    Hi guys,

    I'm currently self learning C programming by myself b/c I am unemployed. I have been using Microsoft Visual Studios to do exercises. So far I have been writing program exercises with printf as well as scanf to allow the user to add and subtract numbers.
    I am currently stuck on an exercise and would greatly appreciate help or tips given to me. The exercise is as follows:

    Greatly appreciated for any help given to me.

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    If you were going to do this exercise by hand, you would probably want to work it out with paper and pencil, first. I'd suggest following that same idea with your program. Make a 2D char array[rows][cols], big enough to handle your letter. Now use loops and perhaps several if statements to put the letters into the right position, on the otherwise empty char array[][]. For loops give you the best way to have a loop, in this instance.

    Work it through by hand a time or two, and note the pattern of actions you take to complete this. Break it down into simple steps that don't rely on vision or other human only traits. Dividing the paper up into columns and rows, may help you see the relationship between when you are doing on the paper, with what you need to do in your letter array[][].

    When you're all done constructing your letter, just print out the entire letter array:
    for(r=0;r<ROWS;r++) {
       for(c=0;c<COLS;c++) {
    And welcome to the forum, Mikey!

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