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    Exclamation Please help!!! array size


    Can someone tell me why do I get 16 instead of the full size of row * col * int?
    (If I did int *iptr[4][7]; however, I would get (4*7*4) = 112 and not 16)

    int *iptr[4]; // array of 4 elements
        for(i=0; i<4; i++)
            iptr[i] = malloc(sizeof(int) * 7); // expand each array to by 7 wide
        printf("size of iptr = %d\n",  sizeof(iptr));
    Thanks in advance for your help

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    What is the type of iptr[0]?

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    sizeof(iptr) is equal to the size of an array of four pointers (to int). That is equivalent to four times the size of a pointer. The size of a pointer on a typical 32-bit system is 4 (corresponding to 4 8-bit types). 4x4 is 16.

    sizeof() is a compile time expression. malloc() is function that gets called at run time. So there is no relationship between the argument you supply to any malloc() call and any subsequent usage in code of sizeof(), since the value yielded by the sizeof() operator is computed by the compiler before the program is even executed.
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