Thread: Need Help 2 Questions assignment

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    You got it! Happy failing!

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    Posts like this always remind me of Joel Spolsky's article "The Perils of Java Schools"

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    Quote Originally Posted by maria34 View Post
    50 ready for second question !!! Come on guysssss
    Ohhh how generous. Are you hiring at the moment?

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    Quote Originally Posted by maria34 View Post
    Copy or not ! i cant learn C programming in one day.But i am trying to solve my problems and i have to give them tomorrow. Anyway, i solve my first question with Salem helps.Thanks.
    But i dont know how to start my second question.Really i could not understand .Anybody has an idea how to do it?
    So show your code for the first one and people can help criticise it so you'll learn more. The solution for the second task is absolutely obvious if you understand how to solve the first one.

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