Thread: Question about pointers

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    Question about pointers

    From what I understand about pointers:

    int k = 5;   // create a new variable k with a value of 5
    int *ptr;   // create new pointer ptr
    ptr = &k;   // make ptr point to the address of k
    *ptr = 7;   // assign the value of 7 to the pointed address
    But I saw other code like this which works:

    int *ptr = &k;
    I don't understand this because I thought that you can only assign a variable to *ptr and an address to ptr, but &k is an address of k. Can anyone explain this to me?
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    This is wrong:
    int ptr*;
    You were probably thinking of:
    int *ptr;
    Quote Originally Posted by vxs8122
    I don't understand this because I thought that you can only assign a variable to *ptr and an address to ptr, but &k is an address of k. Can anyone explain this to me?
    It may look like you are initialising *ptr with the address of k, but actually you are initialising the pointer with the address of k.
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    In addition to laserlight's answer you have to be aware that the asterix "*" has different meanings in C depending on the context. When used in a declaration it is not the operator for dereferencing.

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    int *ptr = &k;
    is just a short-hand, admittedly confusing if you're not used to it. It declares a pointer (int *), and then immediately initialises it with the address of k. It doesn't dereference (the term for when you use a pointer to get the data out of whatever the pointer points at) ptr at all.

    Where the asterisk(*) is makes a big difference, and here it's in the middle of declaration. Take the "int" off (i.e. declare it to be a pointer to an int somewhere else in the program) and it would become a very different matter. If you were to (mentally) replace the * with two symbols instead - one when you mean "please make this a pointer variable" and one when you mean "give me what's stored where this pointer points" - then you would see more clearly what the problem was. Unfortunately, C decided to use the same symbol for two very different jobs, depending on the context.

    But, hey, in English the word "set" has something like 27 definitions depending on the context, so it's just human nature.

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