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    I've read a lot that fgets if better to use instead of scanf. My question is what about using fscanf when reading a file? Is fscanf the only way to go when reading a file?


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    personally for me it depends what I'm doing if I need an entire line I do fgets(stream name,variable,length) (or whatever the precise syntax is), but if I'm reading a text file for records with is like a string, integer, string I'll use fscanf coz its a bit easier and I've personally never had problems, just try them both and see what ya think works best for you I reacon.

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    OK, Thank you.

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    According to the man page on fgets() (Solaris 5.7)

    char * fgets(char *s, int n, FILE *stream)

    The fgets() function reads characters from the stream into
    the array pointed to by s, until n-1 characters are read, or
    a newline character is read and transferred to s, or an
    end-of-file condition is encountered. The string is then
    terminated with a null character.


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    And for reading binary data from a file you use the fread function.
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    Thank you all. They don't teach us how to use fgets in my C class.
    I don't understand why. Once I learned how to read a line using fgets instead of scanf it seemed so much easier and scanf seems like a pain now. LOL!
    -Thnx for the advice.

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