Thread: how to sort out and drop the lowest int?

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    how to sort out and drop the lowest int?

    hey guys, IM SO CLOSE to finishing this program, however I need help on how to sort out and drop the lowest int, between 8 ints. Is there any way I can do this?

    I have these ints:
    grade1, grade2, grade3, grade4, grade5, grade6, grade7, grade8

    My program already assigns them values. How can I find the lowest value and drop it?

    I literally do not know where to start, and this is the last thing I need *.*

    Thanks guys!

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    Perhaps if you had
    int grades[8];

    instead of 8 separately named variables, you could sort the array, and the lowest would be at one end.
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    If I gave you 8 apples, could you find the smallest one? How did you do that -- in DETAIL?

    Same logic.

    You might use an int variable min, and initialize it to the size of grade1. Then compare it to the other grade variables. If they're lower, then they become the min value. It's a bit awkward because you don't have an array with an index, but the value can be used.

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    I have yet to see the day where someone unnecessarily declares every variable in their program as an array, even though the item count is 1 in most cases.
    Sadly, even that would probably still be better than not using an array where one should be used.

    Some people are just pretty adept at finding the worst possible way of doing things. If there isn't an alarm bell going off in your head saying "there must be a better way", then you are not meant to be a programmer!

    You can do this with or without sorting, obviously without is best if you want to preserve the ordering. Do you?
    But once you find the lowest value, what then? Do you want to shuffle the items over by one and skip that value?
    What if there are two items that are equally lowest? Remove just the first one, or all of them?
    Show some code eh!
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