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    Multi-thread programming help

    So I am very new to multi-thread programming using Pthread in Linux. Can someone show me an example of something like taking a list of numbers on the command line and will then create three separate worker threads.
    One thread determine the average of the numbers, second
    determine the maximum value, and third determine the
    minimum value.

    so if i put in, say:

    90 81 78 95 79 72 85

    The program will report
    The average value is 82
    The minimum value is 72
    The maximum value is 95

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    No, we can't show you an example that does exactly what your homework assignment asks you to do. But we can help you fix problems with whatever code you have written. I can also point you to this pthreads tutorial:

    You can use that to get the hang of pthreads in general (not as difficult as it may seem). Then, you can modify their example to suit your needs. If you get stuck at any point, you can post the code you have here along with what problems you are having with it, and we'll be better able to help you.

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