Thread: Trouble with Factorial.

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    Trouble with Factorial.

    I was given a question in my programming class to create a program to find the factorial of any number greater than zero and to use Gosper's formula to approximate it. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong so any help would be appreciated!

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #define PI 3.14159265
    double equation(int n);
    int input, double answer;
    printf("Please input a number>");
    scanf("%d", &input);
    answer = equation(input);
    printf("%d equals approximately %.2f\n", input answer);
    return (0);
    double equation(n)
    double nfaca, nfacb, nfacc, nfacd;
    nfaca = pow(n,n) * pow(e,-n);
    nfacb = ((2 * n) + .33);
    nfacc = sqrt(nfacb * PI);
    nfacd = nfaca * nfacc;
    return (answer);

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    Pay attention to your compiler warnings.

    *You need a comma between input and answer in the printf.
    *If you're going to use the constant "e" in equation, you need to define it somewhere.
    *If you're going to return "answer", you need to declare it somewhere. I think you mean to return (nfact).
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    int input, double answer;
    Does that compile?
    int input;
    double answer;
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