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    Import image

    Hi! Everyone. I need your help, I want to import images in my program and I have no idea what function I will use. Can you please me?
    Thank you very much! : )
    Compiler: Turboc 3.0

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    > Compiler: Turboc 3.0
    Let me stop you right there.

    You see, those nice pictures you take with your camera - you know, the ones which are quite large - 100's of KB or even MB.

    THEY WILL NOT FIT in the 640K of memory that TurbidCrap can access.

    FFS, get a modern compiler for your modern OS and stop clinging to the past like it's some kind of security blanket.
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    Well, start by getting a newer compiler. That one hasn't had a release in at least twenty years. You could take a look at GCC or Clang. I think there are some IDEs like Code::Blocks which are easy to set up and come with GCC by default, so you might look into that.

    Anyway, it depends on the kind of file you want to import. For the more complex formats like PNG, there are libraries such as libpng. Whereas the simpler formats, like TGA, are usually simple enough to load yourself. So if you know what format you want to read, either check out the specifications for it and try writing it yourself, or look for a library. If you decide to write a loader yourself and it's your first time anything like that, you should look for some well-written sample code that you can learn from.

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