Thread: Trouble understanding some code please help

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    Trouble understanding some code please help

    just when i was conformable whit pointers i saw this ,

    Why does the function have an * in front it's name

    char *my_strcpy(char  *destination , char *source)

    i thought it was a function pointer but i learned that a function pointer looks like
    char (*my_strcpy)(char  *destination , char *source)

    so my question is basically if its not a function pointer what is it?
    and why is it there/what does it do?

    entire code:
    char *my_strcpy(char  *destination , char *source)
         char *p=destination;
         return destination;

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    It tells you that the function returns a pointer to a char.

    This article has helped thousands of people make that leap from beginner to intermediate c programmers -

    Spend a good few hours reading though it.
    Fact - Beethoven wrote his first symphony in C

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