Thread: Help with making an algorithm

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    Help with making an algorithm

    Hello I need help with making algorithm with the following:

    Let's say a 2d domain of space with xmax, xmin, ymin, ymax, with 'n~10,000' of points in the space.

    1. Go through lists of points positions.

    2. When there is maximum no,of points (lets say 10) in the box, the box split into 4 equal smaller boxes.

    3. Then check again if the each of the smaller box has more than maximum no. of points. it will split again into 4 equal smaller boxes.... until the box has less than the maximum no.of points per box.

    Any suggestions how I can make this algorithm? Please?


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    Go through a simplified example of it by hand, with paper and pen. Repeat a few times. Note the pattern you see. That's the same pattern your algorithm can use.

    It may seem rather silly, or even a ghastly waste of time, but you will benefit from it, if you do it SLOWLY, and note exactly what you're doing, step by step.

    Try that, and see what your muse will send your way.

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