Thread: Comparison is always false due to limited data type error help

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    Comparison is always false due to limited data type error help

       printf("Edit the entry's cellphone number:");
            scanf("%s", addressbook[4][num]);
            length = strlen(addressbook[4][num]); //gets the length of    the input (should be 10)
            //checks if the input is composed of 11 elements wherein the first 2 are 0 and 9 respectively
                for(i=0; i<11; i++){
                    if ((addressbook[4][num][0] == '0') && (addressbook[4][num][1] == '9') || (addressbook[4][num][i]>='0') && (addressbook[4][num][i]<='9') && (length=='11'))
                        flag = 1;
                    } //end if
                    else { //prints restrictions/parameters for the cellphone number
                    printf("The format of the input is: 09xxyyyyyyy\nwherein x and y are integers from 0 -> 9\n");
                    break; } //end else
    why do I get an error here?

     if ((addressbook[4][num][0] == '0') && (addressbook[4][num][1] == '9') || (addressbook[4][num][i]>='0') && (addressbook[4][num][i]<='9') && (length=='11'))
    And how do I fix this?

    The error message is:
    comparison is always false due to limited data type

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    You haven't really provided enough information, so I'm only guessing. In particular, the types of your variables are probably a contributor.

    However, the culprit is probably the comparison "(length == '11')" at the end of that if statement. The value of the multi-character literal is implementation defined (not 11 in your case). If length is an unsigned type, and '11' yields a negative value, that test will always give a false result.

    You might also want to look up the standard function isdigit() which is declared in <ctype.h>. It will simplify your code.

    The fact you have "break" statements in both the if and else blocks means the for loop will not iterate 11 times.
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