Thread: Struck substring w/o strstr()

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    Struck substring w/o strstr()

    Hello! I have o proble in c

    i have 3 stings on a struct (given from keyboard), and i want to find if a new string (from keyboard too) is a substring of the above 3 strings and the position tha it fount, without using strstr() function.

    the struct have two values, the string and the string lenght

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    Hmm I understand the problem.. What is your code so far?

    Also welcome to the forum.

    I suppose you have already read the rules of this forum and the policy for the hw.
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    You could
    a) write the code using strstr() to make sure everything works
    b) write your own version of say my_strstr() to replace the library strstr() and make sure it still works.
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    Sorry for the delay!

    Ive made something like that

    for (k=0;k<size;k++){
    for (j = 0; j <= (st[i].length - lenght2); ++j){
          for (i = 0; i < lenght2 && st[i].string[j] == input[i + j]; ++i);
     if (i >=  lenght2) {printf("\nMatch found at\n\n->[%d]\n->[%s]\n",j,input+j);} 
    st[i].string[j] = the struct's strings
    st[i].length =  the length of struct string
    input = the substring
    lenght2 = the substrings lenght
    size = the st[i].string[j] size

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    I fount it, so dont bother. Thanx anyway!

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