Thread: Debug assertion failed error

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    Debug assertion failed error

    i m using visual studio 2012 and i pass three command line arguments as 10 20 30 and when i m compile the program get error.....need help
    main(int n,char **p)
    	int sum=0,i;

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    The reason is probably that p[n] will be NULL (so says the standard) so atoi(p[n]) gives undefined behaviour.


    1) it is a bad idea to leave the return type (int) off main().
    2) Neither <conio.h> and getch() are standard in C.
    3) p[0] will (usually) be a string representing the name of the program when run. atoi(p[0]) is valid (as atoi() returns an error if it can't convert its argument to an int) but is probably not a good idea (say, if the first character of the program name contains a digit).
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