Thread: if else statement problem two

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    Exclamation if else statement problem two

    look at this code below
    printf(“range =”);scanf(“%i”,&range);
    printf(“target =”);scanf(“%i”,&target);
    if( ( (range==target)>0) && ( (range==target)<10) )
    when i compile this code, it isn’t the expected output i want
    example, range=12 and target=12, it will go to else not if true
    simple way says, the range==target must between >0 and <10
    0 < range==target < 10
    any ideas?

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    range == target && range >= 0 && range <= 10
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    Salem has suggested the condition you actually need to test.

    To understand your problem it is also useful to understand what the condition you tested actually means.

    First remember that in C, a non-zero integer value corresponds to true, and zero to false.

    if( ( (range==target)>0) && ( (range==target)<10) )
    First this evaluates the expression "range == target". If range and target are equal, that yields a value of 1, so ((range == target) > 0) is equivalent to (1 > 0), which has a value of 1 (true). Hence it is necessary to evaluate the second part of the expression (after the &&). Evaluating ((range == target) < 10) is equivalent to (1 < 10), which yields 1.

    Hence the test is equivalent to
       if (1 && 1) ...
    1 && 1 is always true.

    The expression you chose is certainly not equivalent to your intended test "the values are equal, both greater to zero, and both less than 10".
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