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    Random Number Guessing Game

    #include <conio.h>
    #include <time.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    #define MAX 100
    int GetGuess();
    void random();
    int play(int guess1, int answer1);
    int compare(int guess1, int answer1);
    int guess1;
    int answer1;
    int main()
        int answer;
        FILE *inptr;
        inptr = fopen("File1.txt","r");
        answer1 = fscanf(inptr,"%d", &answer);
    int play(int guess1, int answer1)
        guess1 = GetGuess();
        compare(guess1, answer1);
    int GetGuess ()
        int guess;
        printf("Enter your guess:\n");
        return guess;
    int compare(int guess1, int answer1)
        if (answer1 == guess1)
            printf("Congratulations you are a lucky winner\n");
            printf("not working");
    void random()
        //declare variables
        int i;
        int num;
        FILE *bzvz;
        //open file to save numbers
        srand(time(NULL));//seeds the number generator to randomize
            num = rand()%MAX +1;//calculates a random number from 1 and 10
            fprintf(bzvz,"%d ",num);

    I am completely stuck when assigning values to and passing variables around. It seems that the problem occurs with fscanf function. I have also guessed that it might be passing and reading it as a character, even though I said it will be an integer, and tried atoi() with no luck. I troubleshooted the error as I tried to print the given values after I assign it, with no luck. I am doing this for a friend I have recently been programming django, so I am completely out of the loop when it comes to C. Can someone please help me diagnose or point me to where I am assigning converting passing in a wrong way?

    Thank you.
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    > answer1 = fscanf(inptr,"%d", &answer);
    > play(guess1,answer1);
    answer1 is the success/failure status of the fscanf call.
    Since you're trying to read one thing, possible values for answer1 are 1, 0 or EOF

    answer (only if answer1 == 1) is the number read from the file.
    You probably want to use this number to play.
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    Welcome to the forum, Borko!

    line #24 is a problem. You are putting the value from the file, into answer -- and then you never use it. The answer1 variable is going to be given the number of items that fscanf() has scanned and assigned a value to.

    So change &answer in that line, to &answer1, and let answer get assigned the value from fscanf(), on the left side of the equal sign.

    Since guess1 is global, you don't have to pass it in a parameter, and you can assign it a value, in any function. GetGuess() doesn't have to return the guess, it can be assigned to guess1, right inside GetGuess.

    See how that works, now.

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