Thread: Hyperterminal and MPLAB in C

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    Yes that is one of the header files I am using. So I fixed all of the code errors. But still get the Hyperterminal message cannot open csk_temp.txt. So my assumption is that there is either a format issue. Or I have not created the text file correctly. I created it in wordpad just a simple document full of about 4 "0" and a 1. So 0001 is whats in the document. Again not sure if that was the correct way to format that file or not.

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    Ok so reformatted the card and everything and still getting an error! So now I know that it isn't able to read the file off the card so maybe some suggestions on naming? content? anything at all I'm really stumped.

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    More work of what you should be doing.

    Hyperterminal and MPLAB in C-screenshot-2013-02-27-18-55-35-jpg
    Where are your calls to say
    - f_initvolume
    - f_mountdrive
    to make sure the SD card is actually installed and present as a file system.

    Where are your calls to say
    - f_getcwd
    - f_chdir
    So you have some idea of where you're opening the file in relation to the rest of the file system.

    You should have found all these function names on your big search of all the .h files for where f_open was declared, and seen the rest of them. Curiosity should have taken over at that point.
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    Ok thanks you, I have located only one of the four. So the sample code has f_initvolume but not the other three. This is the problem, I am going to look in the files that are not included as of now.

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