Thread: Using Variable Names When Calling a MC PIN High or Low

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    Using Variable Names When Calling a MC PIN High or Low

    I haven't tried to run my program yet, but maybe I will save some trouble if I ask this question first.

    I am using MC PIC16F690, and I could make a pin high or low by writing RCx = 1 or 0, where x is the pin in the C port. However, I want to use the counter variable from a for() loop as the pin number. Will RC(variablename) = 1 work, or is there another syntax?


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    No it wont.
    If they are separate variables, and you have no say in that matter (which is probably the case), then use a switch statement.
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    You could look to see how RCx is defined.

    If it's something like
    #define RC1 port |= (1<<1)

    Then you can just ignore all that and write in your code loop
    port |= (1<<loopVar)
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