Thread: Question about table formatting in C.

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    Question about table formatting in C.

    I am writing a program that lets the user enter the name and surname of his employees. I also need to put this information in a table , under the headings NAME SURNAME, where the names would be put under the NAME headline and surnames and the SURNAME headlines.

    The problem that I am finding is that when entering long names, the surname is also moving to the right, and hence it will no longer be under the SURNAME headline. My question is : How can I reserve 10 spaces for the name, so that the SURNAME won't move to the right ?

    This is what is happening :

    Alan___________Smith <-- I want the surname to be exactly under the heading.

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    A convenient way to solve it is to use the formatting options of printf to specify a column width
    printf("%-20s %-20s\n", "First name", "Last name");
    printf("%-20s %-20s\n", "Bob", "Smith");
    printf("%-20s %-20s\n", "Mary", "Smith");
    If you need to change the widths of your fields, change the number 20.

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    Read the manual page for printf.

    In particular, understand what these variations do
    printf("%s\n", name );
    printf("%10s\n", name );
    printf("%.10s\n", name );
    printf("%10.10s\n", name );
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    Thanks a lot Salem. Just what I needed !

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    Now I have floating point representations, and I have to restrict the numbers to 1 d.p . So I did %.1f . How can I use the above technique with such representations please?

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    That is what I do not like when solutions are given away like this. Next time the guy who asked encounters a problem, he won't search for the solution, but he is going to ask again.

    Teach someone how to search for answers himself.

    Texaskid here is the ref of printf. Read it. Try different formations to see which one fits your needs.

    Also, notice that my point is not this: "Don't ask again, search by yourself!"

    My point is: "Search by yourself and if you don't succeed, ask!"

    //When following this advice, it would be nice of you, if you would post your attempt and you have already tried, so that people do not try the same
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