Thread: Simple C program issue...

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    Simple C program issue...

    Unfortunately, I do not know many of the technical terms that would probably allow me to explain my issue a lot easier...but here is what my problem is...

    I want my program to take a character input and depending on the char value, it will determine an integer value to be used in an equation.

    My issue is that my program prints the correct statement to direct the user but does not allow the user to input a character.

    float final_value
    char multiplier
    printf("To multiply value by 2, enter (A), to multiply value by 20, enter (B)\n");
    scanf("%c", &multiplier);
    if(multiplier == 'A')
    final_value = 2 * 20;
    if(multiplier == 'B')
    final_value = 20 * 20;
    This is just a snippet of my actual program. My program compiles fine and runs fine up until this string.

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    Is this the whole program so far? What might be your problem, if this is in the middle of your program somewhere, is that scanf is eating up the newline character left in the buffer. You can try this little technique to see if it makes a difference.

    scanf(" %c", &multiplier);
    Take note of the white space between the " and %.

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    Thanks camel-man! That space did the trick.

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