Thread: Wiritng programs in Geany

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    Wiritng programs in Geany

    I've just installed Geany and MinGW, but whenever I open a new file and attempt to compile a simple C program, I get "Process failed (The system cannot find the file specified). Is there anything else I have do configure in Geany for me to compile programs? I've attached a screenshot of my program.

    Wiritng programs in Geany-geany-error-jpg

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    Look at the first line in your code.

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    Although the first line is wrong, I would expect to see output from gcc indicating this. Here's what gcc should say about this program code:

    test.c:1:19: fatal error: stdin.h: No such file or directory
    With that being said, I think the problem might be Geany on Windows. According to their page

    Geany : Running On Windows

    One of the bugs on the Windows version is the build support "implemented but might be still buggy"

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