Thread: Merge and sort array.

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    Quote Originally Posted by c99tutorial View Post
    That is a sorting algorithm. To see how it works, write it out in terms of "pseudocode" and then try it out with pencil and paper

    for i = 0...length-1
       for j = 0...length-1-i
          if data[i] > data[j+1]:
             swap data[i] and data[j+1]
    On paper you can draw i and j as two different arrows that point to one of the array items, each one marked with a number 0, 1, 2, ...., length-1
    I wouldn't recommend this ^^^^ algorithm. That's a Substitution sort with an offset of 1, and also goes out of bounds (off the top) of the array, because of the +1.

    I'm sure you meant data[i] > data[i+1], for the comparison and the swap.

    If you aren't comparing adjacent elements, it's not a Bubble sort - and it won't b-u-b-b-l-e. (Oh! The horror! LOL ).

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    I am posting again the pseudocode here, in order to avoid confusion.

    Try to read again your posts after submitting them
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    Oops, I mistyped it. Ok, it should match the original one submitted. With data[j] and data[j+1] being swapped. The idea I was making is that you get rid of the "C programming language stuff" from the algorithm to make it easier to see how it actually works. For example, it's easy to know what "swap x and y" means.

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