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    Size of Union

    In the following union, the size of the union variable displayed using sizeof operator is 52. If I comment the integer, the size is 50. If I include double variable also, the size is 56. What is the reason for this? The size should only be 50 right (size of Largest member)

    union myUnion
        int var1;
        char char1;
        //double mydouble1;
        char string1[50];

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    My guess is alignment issues might be causing greater size; possibly because of a compiler bug or by design.

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    It's adding padding so that if you had an array of these unions, then each foo[i].var1 would be aligned to a 4 byte boundary (the size of an int here).
    Or with a double, the padding ensures that each foo[i].mydouble1 would be aligned to a 8 byte boundary (the size of a double).
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