Thread: serial communication through linux c

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    serial communication through linux c


    I'm currently a Full-Time student, having my Final-Year Project. Who seeking help regards on the above mentioned Title.

    PC(1) opens Hyperterminal, input some text to transmit (Transmitter, Tx) to...
    PC(2) through a Null Modem Cable which opens linux c with a program to receive (Receiver,Rx) what the HyperTerminal input text that has been transmitted...

    How can this be done?
    After further research made, Terminals with the same communication setting must set under the same bps, data bits, parity, stop bits and flow control.

    But I seeking help on how to write a programm in linux c(full source code)?
    As I'm new linux c.

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    Strange - almost exactly the same wording as this older thread.

    I don't know much Linux, but I've done serial port communication in Windows.

    There's a library linked on this thread, though I just found it now and never used it, so I can't tell you if it's any good. The point is, there is a lot of information out there if you just search.


    (full source code)
    It's not very likely you'll get someone to write the entire code for you. Please review the homework policy of these forums.
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    You can't magically open “linux c” which will open a program to receive the data, when you receive data through the modem cable. It seems like you need to be running a program that will listen for data on the modem cable. This is usually done with Unix-like systems by calling socket followed by read, so you might want to look at both of those functions.

    But I seeking help on how to write a programm in linux c(full source code)?
    Consider getting a text editor. I like Vim, but there are many others as well.

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    See this.
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