Thread: Pseudo-code for a school project

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    Pseudo-code for a school project

    Hi Everyone, i urgently seeking help with this project im doing at school. I'm new to c programming so ur assistance will be deeply appreciated. My project is to write a pseudo-code for a sales invoice that automatically deducted from the inventory the items that are generated by the invoice. How do i go about doing this?

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    Are you given a copy of the invoice?

    If not, start by making your own.

    When you have done that, make a few copies of it and start filling them in.

    Take another piece of paper and start writing down what you have done step by step.
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    Click_here gave some excellent advice.

    Here's some more: It's considered bad form to cross-post to multiple forums in a short amount of time.

    Other than that, please think about your problem and ask specific questions about the issues you are facing, to show people you're really interested in solving it. You'll get a lot more back from these forums if you put in a decent bit.

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