Thread: age of c text books

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    age of c text books

    does the age of any arbitrary C "teach yourself to program" text books matter? Has the language evolved since say 1988? I've been teaching myself for a few months and am ready to take it to the next level. Any advice/reccomendations are appreciated.

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    Yes of course it has evolved. Programming is evolving constantly and will be!

    Maybe this link can help you : Programming Book and Product Reviews

    Personally I would say this : Programming can not be taught! You have to program yourself! To have errors and do debugging and after many tries get your code do what you want him to do! So, books are for sure not enough!
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    Hey Andersonsacanno.

    As std10093 has said, C is commonly evolving and many commonly used conventions are changing. There are two big families of standards POSIX and ANSI. I would look up on these.

    If you are looking for some older C books that age well / have new editions, the main one that comes to my mind is "The C Programming Language", often called K&R, which I believe is an acronym based on the authors Kernighan and Ritchie.

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    I was going to edit my last post but for whatever reason it won't let me. I need to update my post to let you know that there is a sticky post in this very forum to answer your question as far as good C book recommendations go. I am new here so I didn't remember the sticky but then later on I recalled it. It's really good, go check it out!

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