Thread: is there a function like sizeof that can be used at run time not compile time?

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    is there a function like sizeof that can be used at run time not compile time?

    I am trying to make a program that reads several (lets say eight) bytes from a file into an array but what if there is only a few bytes left (lets say three)?
    Is an array the best option for doing this and if so how do I do a sizeof to determine how many bytes are left in the file.
    I am using C not C++ but is there a way to do it in either language and which one should I be using? I don't like OOP.
    I will be reading from the file into long long int or hex.

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    First of all, sizeof is an operator, not a function.
    And no, there is no way to determine the 'size' of a bit of data.

    You need something like this
    struct fileRecord {
        int numValidBytes;
        unsigned char data[8];
    You fread() a max of 8 bytes into, and you use the return result of fread() to update rec.numValidBytes

    This you then pass around to whoever needs to know.
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    You have to store the number of bytes in a separate (unsigned integer) variable. Neither C nor C++ have run-time sizeof.
    If you have a buffer which can be of a fixed size, you can use a static array. If you need a variable-length block of memory, use malloc or variable-length array (C99 only).

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