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    help with sprintf

    Im new to C and simply want to format a floating point number but i keep getting the wrong output.

    char DiamString[10];
    void AddDiam (float diameter, void *LineNum)
    {//Takes the diameter and stores it to the 2nd line
        unsigned char *p1;
        strcpy (p1+8,DiamString);
    When i pass diameter = 13.45 I get DiamString = 10.0, diameter = 29.44 DiamString = 20.0, and diameter = 34.31 DiamString = 30.0.
    Why is this happening??

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    The title says about sprintf, so I run it with focusing only on this and got the correct result
    #include <stdio.h>
    char DiamString[10];
    void AddDiam (float diameter)
    {//Takes the diameter and stores it to the 2nd line
    int main () {
        printf("%s\n", DiamString);
        return 0;
    If you use 2.1 in the format you simply get less precision
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    "%2.1f" means "output a total of 2 characters ( decimal point included ), and 1 character after the decimal point"
    But because 13.45 for example has 2 most significant digits, it prints them "13" and it's already done! But it HAS to print the decimal point and places, therefore it prints "13.0"
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    The code does not do what you say it does, so there is a problem with your assumptions, and the cause is within other code that you have not shown.

    Why is there a plus 8 in there?
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