Thread: newton's forward interpolation

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    newton's forward interpolation

    how to implement newton's forward interpolation in c programming with the help of array?

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    Welcome, sumitdas , but that's not how we roll. The start of a program is entirely up to you. Hopefully, you have the book, the lecture notes, etc., and can get it going.

    When you get stuck on the programming, post up what you have tried, and any errors in either accuracy or by the compiler, and ask specific questions. If we don't follow that policy we quickly become a "short order" program forum, which is not what we will take on.

    A lot of time with these kinds of questions, it's best to review your lecture notes, because the lecturer always gives hints out, doesn't he/she? And then work through an example by hand, a time or three. Note the patterns you use as you do it. Ask yourself how could an array be helpful here?

    It may take awhile, but nothing seems to attract my muse with good idea's, more than repetition on a similar but simpler, run through, with paper and pen.

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