Thread: Limiting input to only positive integers?

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    Question Limiting input to only positive integers?

    I'm writing the Mario half pyramid and I'm using user input to create a pyramid of the height (user input). However, I forgot to limit it to only positive integers (1-23) and not non integers or just pressing "enter". Any ideas on how I can go about doing this?

    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc, const char *argv[])
        int height = 0;
        int i=0,j=0,k=0;
            printf("Height: ");
            scanf("%d", &height);
        while (height < 0 || height > 23); 
        int spacing=height-1;
        int hash=2;
        for (i=0; i<height; i++)
                for (j=spacing; j>0; j--)
                    printf(" ");
                for (k=0; k<hash; k++)
        return 0;

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    easiest way is to use either a do..while loop, or just a if..else after the input. i believe this is called input validation, or validating inputs

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    The beginning's way is to set "height" to a wrong/invalid value inside the do loop before the scanf function call.

    The more advanced way is to use the value returned by the scanf function in the while condition.

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    There is no way to stop the user from entering invalid characters, or just hitting the enter key (although the latter makes no difference with scanf()).

    The more usual technique, if you want your program to be able to eat/ignore invalid input without getting into an infinite loop, is to use fgets() to read each line, and then check the content of the line before trying to scan an integer.
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