Thread: can't capture the input

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    can't capture the input

    I enter the value , but the program doesn't capture the value
    what's the problem ?

    struct book
    	float fPrice;
    	int iNumPages;
    	int iYear;
    void get_details( float* , int*, int* );
    int main()
    	struct book sMybook = { 25.50 , 690 , 2005};
    	struct book sHerbook;
    	float fdiff;
    	float x;
    	int y, z;
    	get_details( &x ,&y ,&z);
    	printf("My book :\n");
    	printf("%.2f\t%d\t%d\n", sMybook.fPrice, sMybook.iNumPages, sMybook.iYear );
    	printf("Her book :\n");
    	printf("%.2f\t%d\t%d\n", sHerbook.fPrice, sHerbook.iNumPages, sHerbook.iYear);
    	fdiff = sMybook.fPrice - sHerbook.fPrice; 
    	printf("the difference in price is %.4f\n", fdiff );
    	if (sMybook.iYear > sHerbook.iYear )
    		printf("Mine is greatest ");
    		printf("Her's is greatest");
    	return 0;
    void get_details( float*a , int*b , int*c ) 
    	printf("enter book price:\n");
    	scanf("%f", a);
    	printf("Enter number of pages:\n");
    	scanf("%d", b);
    	printf("Enter year:\n");
    	scanf("%d", c );

    someone please correct me
    Thank you !

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    > get_details( &x ,&y ,&z);
    > x=sHerbook.fPrice;
    > y=sHerbook.iNumPages;
    > z=sHerbook.iYear;

    Perhaps you meant
    sHerbook.fPrice = x;

    Perhaps you could also do
    get_details( &sHerbook.fPrice ,&sHerbook.iNumPages ,&sHerbook.iYear);
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    oh I see ..
    Thank you very much

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