Thread: is there any C compiler (Jar or Sis format)?

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    is there any C compiler (Jar or Sis format)?


    Is there any tiny C compiler as Jar or SIs format for mobile application?

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    You can cross compile GCC and LLVM to run on ARM Linux, but I expect there's quite a bit of target specific configuration to do.

    I wouldn't have expected there to be any prebuilt nice packages (partly because compilation tools aren't small -- the compiler is just one piece amongst other tools and libraries). That said, smartphones have so much space nowadays.... and where there's a will there's a way there's an app store!

    There are at least a couple of C/C++ compilers on the first page. I honestly wouldn't have guessed that people were that eager to code on their mobiles - so probably best go check other app stores if it's a different platform you're after.

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    For java at least i remember the sun microsystems pages offering a big dev environment for free which included phone emulation, so you can code and test, interact with the keypad/screens on many mobile models, unless you literally want to do dev on your phone, which is quite an interesting idea, low productivity though i think fiddling around on a screen that size
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