Thread: appending integer to strings in a function vs concatenation

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    appending integer to strings in a function vs concatenation

    I would like to concatenate strings and integers so that i produce something like this:
    char *path " = "/home/myFolder%d/run%d.raw"
    //where %d is a integer specifier
    so that I can use it in some function
    int min, max, folderNumber;
    someFunction(path, min, max);
    char fpath[256];
    char fpath1[512];
    char *string1 = "/home/myFolder";
    char fn[6] = "/run_"
    char ext[5] = ".raw";
    int start =0;
    int end = 10;
    for (int ifolder= 0; ifolder<20; ifolder++) {
      sprintf(fpath, "%s%d", string1, ifolder);
      sprintf(fpath1, "%s%s%d%s", fpath, fn, %d, ext);
       //then call someFunction 
     someFunction(fpath1, start, end); //or
     someFunction("/home/myFolder%d/run%d.raw", 0,10);
    //the point is doing sprintf(fpath1,....) causes me problems, as I want to append instead the integer variables "start" and "end"  in  someFunction(fpath1, start, end); I will be do complicated for loops in this function, hence the necessity to do append here

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