Thread: Bitmap generator paired with an neural network image recogniser?

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    Bitmap generator paired with an neural network image recogniser?

    Hello, I'm new to programming, and i would be great if someone could point me in the right direction.

    Hoping to create this project, but not sure whether to try and complete the programming myself or maybe pay someone to create it for me.

    Hoping to create a bitmap generator that creates small (300x300px ish) images (similar to this ... RANDOM.ORG - Bitmap Generator ), which then feeds these to an neural network based image recogniser, which has been trained to pick out particular images it thinks matches an initial set of black&white bitmap images I give it to learn.

    Basically, I'd like to create a program that I can feed a set of images, and it then generates images based on these, with similar tones, patterns and shapes..

    Before I even start thinking about making this, do you reckon it would even work? The generator would have to be pretty quick for the image recogniser to have any hope of finding anything. And I'd have to be able to skew the percentage of black/white bytes in order to come up with the sort of images I feed it to learn.

    If anyone could offer any suggests on where to start, that would be amazing!

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    BMP file format - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    If you don't want to pick apart the image header, then use your favourite paint program to create the required BMP size and format (say 300x300x2) and save that as your source file.
    All you would then need to do is replace the actual image data with something random.
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