Thread: Problem with files in C

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    Problem with files in C

    Hi.. I'm new here and i would be very happy if someone answer this
    I have a this problem:
    Make program which will make two new files: letter.txt which would include only letters and numbers.txt which would include only numbers. The primary file should content this text: Ova e 1pos56ledn7ata labo7rat8oriska vezba 93po1 pr84edm5et0ot Strukturirano 569 prog12ram4ira5nje. Se2 na1deva2me deka bese 358 in197tere8sno pi1su59vanje3to na pro22gra3mi3 vo C.
    ATTENTION: some of the words might content only numbers or only letters.
    for example: 1pos56ledn7ata--> 1567 in numbers.txt, poslednata in letters.txt

    Thank you in adition.

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    Read this link.
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    A development process
    Start with a program which simply copies input.txt to output.txt one character at a time.

    When you can do that, it's not too hard to be able to write characters to two different files, based on some test of the character.
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    Write it as pseudocode first

    Read one character c
    Is c a letter? If so, write it out to "letters.txt"
    Is c a number? If so, write it out to "numbers.txt"
    Is c a space? If so, do nothing.
    Is c something else? Exit program with error message "INVALID INPUT: Must contain only letters, numbers and spaces"

    Next try to find out how exactly to do each thing required... "how do I read a character?", "how do I tell if c is a letter", and so on... This method works in any programming language.

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    The functions you need are fopen(), fclose(), fgetc(), fputc(), isalpha() and isdigit().
    You'll need to look these up, and work out the logic yourself.
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