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    Server-Client Program


    I want to use a small server-client program, by using two separated machines. The thing is that none of them has ubuntu as the main OS. In fact, these OS are in a virtualbox.
    So the question is, what are the real address to connect the machines?
    (my program is almost literally based in this one Linux Howtos: C/C++ -> Sockets Tutorial).


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    This has nothing to do with C but with your configuration of VirtualBox.

    A quick search found an article about networking in VirtualBox (if the two VirtualBoxes are on different physical machines you probably need to use port-forwarding).

    I suggest to ask the experts for further questions.

    Bye, Andreas

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    Change your network settings of Guest OS from NAT (which is default) to Host-only (most probably this will work for you).
    With NAT, you do not have access to other OS's.

    Host-Only Networking with VirtualBox - Christopher Maier's Technical Blog

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