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    Function arguments

    Can someone explain to me why this bit of code works and the commented version of double functest doesnt. dont understand functions very well it seems...
    typedef struct
        double test1;
        double test2;
    t tab;
    t * q = &tab;
    double functest(void);
    int main()
        printf("enter test1\t");
        printf("\nenter test2\t");
    /*    printf("hence function returns %lg",functest(q->test1,q->test2));*/
        printf("hence function returns %lg\n",functest());
        return 0;
    /*double functest(double q->test1,double q->test2)*/
    /*    return q->test1 * q->test2;*/
    double functest(void)
        double res;
        printf("answer is%lg",res);
        return res;
    How do you provide arguments to a function where the variable is in a struct???

    Thanks for your help

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    Well you need to declare it as something like
    double functest(double a, double b);
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