Thread: Using fcanf to get parts of a text file

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    Using fcanf to get parts of a text file

    So I have a .txt file that is declared as fin, and I need to use fscanf to designate parts of the file to certain variables.

    The file looks like this:

    Farley: 46.5/7.1
    L. J. Cool: -39.2/27.25

    I need to create an fscanf statement that will read a single line, storing the name (including the space if present, but not the colons) in a character array name, and the two floats into the already declared variables x and y.

    How would I pull thiss off?

    I tried:
    fscanf(fin,"%s %f %f", name, x, y);
    But the exam proctor told me I was wrong without any please.

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    Maybe this can help you.
    It's for scanf, but they will work for fscanf too.

    I don't know if this is the best solution, though.

    Edit: And you can also consider using the suggestion at the end of the linked page.
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    Firstly fscanf() takes pointers and fills them.
    Secondly you always should check the return value. This tells you how many fields were successfully converted.

    Thirdly, I would start with a line like

    singlestring 1.5/2.5

    get that working. Then look at the scanf() documentation as see if you can work out how to use a colon instead of a space as the field separator for the string.
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