Thread: evaulate strcmp true/false

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    Cool evaulate strcmp true/false

    Please help. When I learned beginner C, I learned that

    while ( strcmp ( name, "xxx") != 0)

    //do something


    meant that as long as name is not equal to "xxx" it will return a
    number other than zero...meaning nonzero!=0 evaluating to true.
    Then entering the loop.

    Could someone explain how this code below evaluates the same way without using the !=0 ? I don't see how it is the same thing because it has to evaluate to true to enter the loop and it will evaluate to false as long as name doesn't equal "xxx" thus not entering the loop. Could someone help me uderstand how this example works the same as the first without using the != 0
    I would appreciate it. Thanks

    while ( strcmp ( name, "xxx" ))

    //do something


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    In C, 'true' is any non-0 integer value, and 'false' is 0.

    It might help to try something like this...
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    // Untested
    int main (void)
     char name[20];
     printf ("Boolean expression program\n");
     printf ("Gimme a word less than 20 chars long.\n");
     printf ("To quit, type in 'quit'\n");
     do {
      scanf ("%s", name);
      printf ("strcmp(name, 'quit') != 0  : %d\n", strcmp(name, "quit") != 0);
      printf ("strcmp(name, 'quit')  :  %d\n", strcmp(name, "quit"));
     } while (strcmp (name, "quit") != 0);
     return 0;
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    The while loop will execute as long as the expression evaluates TRUE (anything non-zero). strcmp() returns zero only if the two strings match, and non-zero if they are different.
    while ( strcmp( "Hello", "World" ) )
      /* This executes because strcmp returns non-zero (TRUE) */
    There is no need to test if TRUE != FALSE :)
    Jason Deckard

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    It makes perfect sense now. Thank you both.

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