Thread: Problem with fscanf and %lf

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    Problem with fscanf and %lf

    I am doing a school assignment where we are to open a file, read in some information to a struct type, and do some calculations with it. The only problem I am having, is it seems that I am unable to fscanf the value 10.00 into a double type. The first code is my work, the printf's in the for loop are only there to emphasize the problem. The second code is the file I am reading from. I am absolutely clueless to the problem. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, as this is due today.

    int main(void)
        FILE *time;
        char fileName[BUFFER];
        int num_employees, x, i;
        printf("Enter filename: ");
        scanf("%s", &fileName);
        time = fopen(fileName, "r");
        fscanf(time, "%d", &num_employees);
        struct employee workers[num_employees-1];
        for(i = 0; i < num_employees; i++)
                  fscanf(time, "%s", &workers[i].first);
                  printf("%s", workers[i].first);
                  fscanf(time, "%s", &workers[i].last);
                  printf("%s", workers[i].last);
                  fscanf(time, "%lf", &workers[i].payperhr);
                  printf("%4.2f", workers[i].payperhr);
        return 0;
    John Slacker 5.15
    Jane Worker 10.00

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    Why do you remove 1 from num_employees in line 12?
    Without that, the for loop executes one less time than required (and the array size is too short).

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